Supporting the circular economy and zero waste through biomass reuse, the BBioNets project responds to the increasing need for grassroots initiatives and knowledge sharing to address major challenges such as climate resilience and increased mitigation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

BBioNets is a thematic network that relies on, promotes and further advances the work carried out by EIP AGRI Operational Groups (OGs) with respect to the management and/or processing of agricultural and forest biomass with Bio-Based Technologies (BBTs).

The project foresees the establishment of 6 regional Forest and Agriculture Networks (FANs) in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland and Czechia. To ensure balanced representation of all AKIS stakeholders, it will apply the quintuple helix model (academia, industry, government, civil society, environment) and a multi-actor approach both within the consortium itself and on-the-ground activities.

FANs will profit from the strong presence of farmers, foresters and OG representatives to guarantee their enhanced role in locally defining their actual needs as to the deployment of BBTs in their day-to-day operations. Through co-creation and joint actions, they will prioritise specific BBTs deemed most relevant and having the potential to help create new diversified incomes while reducing GHG emissions.

The Forest and Agriculture Networks will also assist BBioNets in sharing BBT knowledge to farmers and foresters through a series of activities and events, using relevant educational and training material developed by the consortium, building on previous OG and EU-funded project results. Activities will equally focus on boosting the (re)definition of value chains and providing for knowledge exchange.

Bolstering cooperation of primary producers, industry, policy makers and researchers at different geographical levels, FANs will confer and interact cross-regionally, thus stimulating cross-fertilisation beyond borders and bringing Europe to the forefront of farming, forestry and bioeconomy with economically viable and sustainable practices.

FOCUS STC main role

  • Project Management Officer, providing administrative assistance to the project coordinator
  • Leader of dissemination & communication
  • Responsible for the cross-fertilisation of ideas among the BBioNets FANs at regional and European level
  • In charge of the BBioNets liaison office, coordinating the collaboration with similar projects and initiatives
  • Supporting the implementation of project activities in Greece

Project Information

  • Full title: Creation and promotion of Forest and Agriculture Networks to boost Bio-Based Technologies adoption and Value Chain development
  • Implementation period: 1/11/2023 – 31/10/2026
  • GA number: 101133904
  • Funding authority: European Commission, European Research Executive Agency
  • Programme: Horizon Europe, Cluster 6 “Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment”
  • Destination: Innovative governance, environmental observations and digital solutions to support the Green Deal
  • Topic: HORIZON-CL6-2023-GOVERNANCE-01-18
  • Total budget: 1,998,636.20 €
  • Website:

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