FOCUS Strategic Thinking Consultants (FOCUS STC) is a professional business consulting firm based in Thessaloniki, Greece. We provide innovation management and capacity building services in a number of fields, namely the circular bioeconomy and bio-based economy, biodiversity, R&D, social innovation, renewable energy sources, cultural heritage and blue growth. A combination of strategy, quality and expertise is what defines us in the business consulting industry.
About Us
Following successful careers in their respective domains, FOCUS STC’s founders, Iakovos Delioglanis and Ephy Kouzi, decided to join their diverse backgrounds and experiences, bringing different perspectives and ideas into business, based on their shared belief that a small organisation can provide quality consulting services to clients of all sizes.

It is on this belief that FOCUS STC PC was founded in July 2021, with the intention to capitalise on its founders’ 20-year experience in EU-funded projects, innovation consulting services, education and training.
Their combined skills and talents form the basis of FOCUS STC, which aspires to actively support innovation, sustainability, strategic thinking and adaptability to an ever-changing environment.

To achieve its goals, our company prides itself on its extensive international network of multidisciplinary partners and allies, developed through years of strategic and fruitful collaborations. We all share the common vision of delivering a better future to generations to come.
FOCUS STC’s founders leverage a unique combination of creativity, innovation and leadership skills to understand the fundamental drivers of any mission, challenge conventional thinking about it and make sense of the complex.
Seeing the same thing from different perspectives and looking beyond the ‘optics’, we make use of long-established and proven means and methods, not afraid to advance new ideas and envisage new solutions to old problems, recasting strategy and resetting direction whenever needed.
This consistently leads to the more informed and improved decision-making processes and results. We are constantly looking for possibilities, seeking optimal solutions and developing partnership opportunities.
If you don’t believe it, don’t do it
If you don’t know, ask
If you hit a wall, rethink

Iakovos Delioglanis

Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Master's degree in Telecoms [Faculty of Sciences - School of Physics, AUTh, Greece]. Iakovos is an Innovation Management Expert with over 20 years of experience in providing innovation management services to research, industrial and public organisations at EU, national and regional level. Previously, Iakovos worked as a senior consultant at the International Projects dpt. In Q-PLAN International Advisors and was involved in the coordination, management and implementation of numerous EU-funded projects and studies that cross-cut various research and innovation topics. He has a long track-record as a manager / coordinator of EU policy studies, R&D projects and coordination & support actions [BIOWAYS (H2020-BBI-JU), ISABEL (H2020-Energy), DANDELION (H2020-IIRS), EECA-2-HORIZON (FP7-ICT), PLATON+ (FP7-SSH), BALCON (FP7-ICT), etc.]. He is also very experienced in designing and implementing a wide range of activities pertaining to the communication, dissemination and promotion of scientific knowledge deriving from EU-funded projects [BIOBRIDGES (H2020-BBI-JU), BIOVOICES (H2020-KBBE), DANDELION (H2020-IIRS), EECA-2-HORIZON (FP7-ICT), TIPS (FP7-Transport), BALCON (FP7-ICT), START (FP7-ERAWIDE), SCUBE-ICT (FP7-ICT), PLATON (FP6-INNOVATION), etc.] and capacity building and training [TETRA (H2020-ICT), MPowerBIO (H2020-BBI-JU), etc.].
Dare to reinvent yourself
– Dare to act – Dare to achieve

Ephymia-Maria (Ephy) Kouzi

Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation [Faculty of Translation and Interpretation – School of International Interpreters (EII), UMONS, Belgium]. Ephy has been working for more than 25 years as an Interpreter in conferences and events organised by several high-level institutions, including the EU, NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Presidency of the Hellenic Republic, Hellenic Parliament/Ministries, International Olympic Academy, International Olympic Committee, etc. She also has vast experience in education and training, having extensively worked with both children and adults for a number of years. In 2015, based on her long acquaintance with EU projects and activities as an interpreter, Ephy decided to take the leap and get more actively involved in EU-funded projects, putting to good use her particular set of skills. She participated thereafter in the implementation of several projects, such as BIOWAYS (H2020-BBI), DANDELION (H2020-IIRS), BIOBRIDGES (H2020-BBI), BIOVOICES (H2020-KBBE), InnoRate (H2020-INNOSUP), etc.

FOCUS Strategic Thinking Consultants

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