Innovation management
Horizon Europe is the European Union’s key funding programme for Research and Innovation for the 2021-2027 period. Its main aim is to maximise the scientific, economic and societal impact of the Union’s investment in this respective field. It tackles climate change, helps to achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals and boosts the EU’s competitiveness and growth.
Innovation Managment
We are proponents of a full-cycle strategy approach: from structuring and writing proposals to implementing projects in conformity with EU rules and procedures.
Formation of international consortia
We bring together consortia in various fields of expertise by using to advantage our extensive networks that range from universities and research institutions to technological centres, associations, SMEs and public authorities.
Proposal preparation and writing
We conceive and formulate the ideas and concepts, and accordingly structure the consortia, notably by identifying partners and allocating roles and responsibilities. We write the technical description benefiting from all partners’ expertise, tackle all administrative and budgetary tasks, and ensure the on-time finalisation and submission of the proposal.
Project implementation

  • Project management and coordination

  • Project management office tasks to assist and relieve the project coordinator of time-consuming administrative duties

  • Analysis of sectoral particularities at regional, national and international level

  • Communication, promotion and dissemination of project activities and results at local, national and international level

  • Stakeholder engagement through mutual learning, co-creation, validation and demonstration events
Capacity building
We deliver customised training and capacity building activities addressed to businesses and organisations wishing to improve personal and corporate performance. Employees serve as the backbone of a business’ success, making their skills and abilities essential for progress and sustainability. Focusing on the analysis of critical factors and variables, we strive to help businesses ensure long-term growth by enhancing their personnel’s competences, changing attitudes and promoting personal and professional development.
Capacity Building
We deliver customised training and capacity building activities to improve your personal and corporate performance.
Horizon Europe participation
Trainings provided to help you benefit from Europe’s key funding programme for research and innovation:
  • Guidance through the whole process of conceiving and formulating concrete ideas and concepts, establishing and structuring the consortium, fulfilling administrative and budgetary tasks, finalising and submitting the proposal

  • Entrance to international consortia – we help you enter consortia according to your field of interest and specific set of skills, capitalising on our extensive networks
Networking and Collaboration services
Bringing stakeholders together to foster multi-actor, trans-disciplinary dialogue and achieve common goals:
  • Inform, inspire and engage actors across society and disciplines to build rapport, create positive relationships, and induce trust

  • Promote value chain creation, facilitate knowledge sharing and investigate collaboration potential
Transversal skills and competences for institutions, NGOs and public and private organisations
Coaching sessions aiming to further enhance team management and leadership skills: how to build trust, cultivate empathy and collaboration, promote team spirit, critical thinking and flexibility, and sustain motivation (soft skills).

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