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BBioNets – Creation and promotion of Forest and Agriculture Networks to boost Bio-Based Technologies adoption and Value Chain development

Supporting the circular economy and zero waste through biomass reuse, the BBioNets project responds to the increasing need for grassroots initiatives and knowledge sharing to address major challenges such as climate resilience and increased mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

BBioNets is a thematic network that relies on, promotes and further advances the work carried out by EIP-AGRI Operational Groups (OGs) with respect to the management and/or processing of agricultural and forest biomass with Bio-Based Technologies (BBTs). The project foresees the establishment of 6 regional Forest and Agriculture Networks (FANs) in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland and Czechia.

BBioNets brings together 9 partners from 6 European countries representing research organisations and intermediaries /advisors /multipliers. The project started in November 2023 and has a duration of 36 months. The kick-off meeting, organised by the project coordinator Munster Technological University, took place on the 27th-28th November 2023 in Cork, Ireland, and all partners were present to discuss the future steps of BBioNets.

Learn more about BBioNets on the project website and FOCUS’ main role on our dedicated website page.

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