3rd Summer School on Circular Bioeconomy & Sustainable Development

Date / location

6-10 September 2021 / ONLINE

Objectives and Aims

In the current Circular Bioeconomy concept, the key players are the new generation of experts and managers possessing a wide educational background and capable of covering the entire spectrum of this multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral field. During the 5 days of intensive training, more than 100 students and young scientists had the opportunity to be:

  • familiarised with the current trends of Circular Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development
  • introduced to new aspects and perspectives regarding bioeconomy and its social, economic and environmental impact
  • acquainted with case studies from the industry

Iakovos Delioglanis contributed on Day 3 highlighting the researchers’ role in the communication of the bioeconomy. His presentation was based on the results deriving from a large number of EU-funded projects he was involved in (either as coordinator or team leader) and included the following topics:

  • Public perception on Bio-based Products and the bioeconomy at large, highlighting common misconceptions and confusion about what bioeconomy is all about;
  • Collaboration challenges among value chain actors in bioeconomy, focusing on the contribution of the research community; and
  • How to better communicate the bioeconomy and inform, inspire and engage all stakeholders at national, regional and local level.


  • Day 1 – Concepts, Challenges, and Current Trends
  • Day 2 – Bio-based value chains and health sector
  • Day 3 – Social & Regulatory Issues, Governance, Finances
  • Day 4 – Circular Bioeconomy and Environmental and Agricultural issues
  • Day 5 – Education of Circular Bioeconomy in Europe



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