ᴇNᴀBʟS – A project focused on NBS integration in higher education!

ᴇNᴀBʟS – Education and Nature-Based Solutions: enable Society to bend the curve for biodiversity

Responding to the increasing need for cooperation in learning and skills/capacity development for environmental sustainability, including biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions (NBS) learning and teaching, ᴇNᴀBʟS aims to set the basis of networking and collaboration to promote transdisciplinary dialogue and further embed and unfold Nature-based Solutions (NBS) concepts and approaches within universities and vocational schools, the professional sphere and society at large.

The ᴇNᴀBʟS consortium is comprised of 11 partners from 8 European countries representing universities with strong research programmes in biodiversity, NBS and ecosystem services, research institutions, associations of universities, TVET providers and advisors/ hubs/ multipliers. The project started in January 2023 and has a duration of 36 months. The kick-off meeting, organised by the project coordinator University of Hohenheim, took place on the 16th-17th January 2024 in Hohenheim, Germany, and all partners were present to discuss the future steps of ᴇNᴀBʟS.

Learn more about ᴇNᴀBʟS on the project website and FOCUS’ main role on our dedicated website page.

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